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Author of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Jay Bradley 

“Originating from a nation that has solid roots in bourbon making, I chose to make an exceptional Irish bourbon brand” 

Jay Bradley, Founder, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. 

My relationship with bourbon began in the wake of perusing a book called Truths about Whisky, distributed in 1879. It clarified how The Liberties in Dublin (where I was conceived) were the focal point of worldwide bourbon. 

Dublin bourbon was the ‘highest quality level’ soul… the champagne of shining wine as it were, around then. 

However in the wake of perusing Truths About Whisky, I was interested to find out additional. I did some burrowing and I understood that Irish bourbon wasn’t seen as such an extravagance thing any more. In each top of the line eatery around the globe, you’d be fortunate to see 1 or 2 Irish whiskies on a menu with 16-45 Scottish and at any rate 8 American whiskies. 

I possessed a bar, and just had two Irish whiskies and comparable proportions on Scotch to American. There were no extraordinary single Irish Whiskies spoken to universally, which made me think regarding why? 

During the 1600s-1900s Irish bourbon really held 80% of the world bourbon market, yet it tumbled from its worshipped spot during the 1920s. Furthermore, it’s just in the course of recent years that it has by and by ascended in noticeable quality. 

The introduction of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. 

My late dad used to state that Irish bourbon was reliably preferable in taste and quality over different bourbons. What’s more, I concur. 

Originating from a nation that has solid roots in bourbon making, I chose to make an excellent Irish bourbon brand and conceptualized The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. in 2015 over a bourbon with my dad 

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. which is situated in Dublin, Ireland, specialties and sells super premium art Irish bourbon obtained from all sides of Ireland. 

Our spirits encapsulate the customs of Irish bourbon yet have an extraordinary mark full-bodied quality. 

Which additionally carries me to my blog. My energy for bourbon implies I’m regularly discussing it, or requested my sentiments on various items, creation techniques and quality. I likewise venture to the far corners of the planet looking for motivation. In this way, here I’m sharing all that I know with other bourbon enthusiasts, since, let’s be honest, it’s about the specialty. 

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“Specialty bourbon is for the individuals who appreciate the better things throughout everyday life” 

Jay Bradley 

Jay Bradley 

Jay Bradley is Founder of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Here he talks about everything identified with bourbon – the “water of life”.

As an Irish business visionary, I get a great deal of media demands. I like addressing columnists. It’s an opportunity to get the message out about the miracles of Irish bourbon ─ and that is a subject I never tire of. Inevitably you notice that a few inquiries keep springing up, and one of the most mainstream is, “How could you get into the bourbon game?” 

Appears to be a straightforward one, however I think that its a troublesome inquiry to reply. Like a fine Single Malt, the more I consider it, the more layered and complex it becomes. 


The main comment is that I wasn’t naturally introduced to it — well, not in the customary sense. I’m not the beneficiary to a refining tradition. Bourbon doesn’t stream in the Bradley family’s veins (except if you check the morning following a major night prior). 

However, I am a pleased Irishman — and bourbon is in my DNA. In spite of regular conviction, bourbon is of the shamrock, not the thorn. We developed it. We idealized it. We overwhelmed the world with the best bourbons ever made. In the nineteenth century, any well off expert’s basement would have been loaded with Irish Single Malts. Past the super-rich, it obliged all preferences and all classes: in the event that you’d been sat in practically any bar, anyplace on the planet, it would more likely than not have been a drop of the Irish settled in your grasp. 

James Bradley, Jay Bradley Irish Whiskey Distilliery 

Jay Bradley at The Old Bushmills Distillery, Ireland 

Yet, that doesn’t clarify why I, among a large number of comparatively glad Irishmen, found an energy for the bourbon business. So I need to burrow somewhat more profound. What’s more, I hold returning to my father. 


Jay Bradley’s father pulls tricks grievers at his burial service 

Father had a fabulous comical inclination ─ and let me guarantee you, you need one in the bourbon business. You probably won’t have a clue about this, yet he turned into a web sensation AFTER his demise by pulling a gigantic commonsense prank on grievers at his own memorial service. The video of his weeps for help, made to seem like they were originating from the grave, circulated around the web and he’d have been charmed to realize that his underhandedness gave the world a chuckle. 

In life he was a sequential business visionary who originated from a long queue of sequential business visionaries, with the principle business focused on a chain of butcher’s shops. It was here that he took in the family exchange of zest mixing, hoisting it to a work of art. My god, that man got preparing and blends and flavor. A long time before his time, father was a problematic trailblazer and he began his own mixing business. Right up ’til today, I meet individuals who pine for the plans my father concocted. 

Father wanted to cook for us, so while I wasn’t beneficiary to a bourbon administration, the Bradley kitchen table was a masterclass of flavor and a sanctuary to the five detects. It was here that I found out about the interchange of sight, sound, smell, contact and taste. Right up ’til the present time, I naturally deconstruct whatever I eat or drink into the parts, amounts and characteristics of flavor. 


Still I wasn’t prepared for the bourbon business — however energetic about the soul. 

Next I refined my comprehension of the matter of business. I buckled down, pulling down two positions (genuinely standard in the Bradley family), learning furniture making by day and ascending from bottle washer to bar administrator around evening time. It wasn’t all work and no play — I ventured to the far corners of the planet, got hitched and had youngsters. 

At the same time I ate up books and bits of knowledge from specialists like Tony Robbins, Jim Collins and Michael Gerber to secure business hypothesis. I went to a great many workshops in my extra time and read MBA course work around evening time. I worked for different organizations to perceive how this happened by and by: I saw where they were fruitful, where there were not and where I could improve them. I began my own organizations and figured out how to get the best from staff: to distinguish their qualities and outfit them so each and every individual who worked for me was spurred with clear movement openings and structure. I developed my deals and showcasing business from a limited band into several representatives. 

Jay Bradley grills on the Craft Whiskey Boys YouTube channel 

Toward the finish of a difficult day, I kept up my apprenticeship to season and plunged into the universe of grill. This was not some side-line, low maintenance pastime yet a core interest. I took masterclasses with greats, for example, Tuffy Stone and Myron Mixon. I rehearsed, I arranged and I idealized — winning different in front of the rest of the competition prizes and in any event, contending at the World Championships as a pitmaster. Grill has shown me more the significance of wood in building flavor than everything else. I gained from research papers on lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. I found how fire separates them into wood sugars and flavors: the lignin emitting vanilla notes, while the hemicellulose gives more toasted flavors when warmed yet profound smoky notes at higher temperatures. 

Backing away from the universe of deals and promoting, I purchased a wine bar and transformed it into a great bourbon and mixed drink bar with a smokehouse eatery. It permitted me to consolidate two interests: my affection for fine bourbon and extraordinary BBQ. I tried sincerely and made it a triumph, and it was here that I made the disclosure that would transform me. Taking a gander at my bourbon records I discovered good extents of American, Japanese and Scottish bourbon — however not very many Irish. My bar was in good company: I frequented different eateries, voyaged a considerable amount and I saw a similar pattern. Each and every other spot offered a couple of Irish bourbons, best case scenario, yet undeniably a greater amount of the others. 

As an innovative Irishman with a sense of taste, I was unable to allow this to stand. It was a disclosure that prompted long periods of examination through since quite a while ago overlooked books on the approaches to make the best bourbons — and how (and why) a few distillers made terrible ones. I read about the ascent and fall of the Irish business and detected a hole in the Irish bourbon market that no one else was truly following. 


At that point and at exactly that point did I believe I was prepared for the bourbon business. Yet, I was on the opposite side of the world. So it was only an idea that ‘one day’ I would take a gander at it all the more intently. Tragically my father became sick with malignancy and I abandoned my organizations and got back to be close by. 

One tipsy night, we discussed Ireland’s heavenly bourbon past, our pity at its fall, how it was everything except overlooked globally and about how it remained little for endless years while Scottish bourbon extended. We likewise discussed how blessed and energized we were to be enthusiastic about it when it is was on the cusp of a renaissance. I disclosed to him I longed for opening my own bourbon business ‘one day’. 

My Dad was a hazardous man to talk dreams with, on the grounds that he wouldn’t rest until he transformed them into the real world. Like dad, similar to child, I snatched a pen, discovered the rear of envelope and we started to design. Numerous hours, beverages and envelopes later, we had concocted what was to turn into the Whiskey and Wealth Club. 

Bourbon and Wealth Club’s system is three-pronged: to help refineries by giving a salary on overabundance youthful bourbon stocks; to convey an alluring and productive chance to financial specialists; and to understand the fantasy of father and child to restore the Irish business, creating the capital expected to subsidize The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. also, the formation of world driving, premium Irish bourbons. 

Jay Bradley and Scott Sciberras on their approach to talk at the New York Irish Whiskey Festival with Whiskey and Wealth Club 

Jay Bradley and Scott Sciberras on their approach to talk at the New York Irish Whiskey Festival with Whiskey and Wealth Club 

So we connected with Scott Sciberras (another business visionary and old companion of mine of almost 20 years) to check whether he was as energetic about this thought as I seemed to be. I’d left the deals and promoting industry numerous prior years (and wanted to return) so requested that Scot lead the Whiskey and Wealth Club while I helmed The Craft Irish Whiskey Company. He traveled to Ireland, we explored the idea at refineries the nation over and — over a couple of bourbons — settled on the arrangement. 

It is a perplexing mix of pride, legacy and apprenticeship to make the characterizing flavor — energy. Today, the Whiskey and Wealth Club is an enormous achievement, while The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has been purchasing adult and uncommon bourbon. We make them with super premium barrels, utilizing old methods close by others that no one else has endeavored. We are currently very nearly delivering perhaps the best whisky that Ireland (and as I would like to think, the world) has ever created. 

Thus, whenever a writer asks me how I got into the bourbon game, I’ll have both a long and a short answer: the previous being the words I’ve recently composed; and the last just, “my father”.