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Whiskey And Wealth Club Review

The Whiskey and Wealth Club offers investors the opportunity to invest in the rare world of premium cask whiskey. Why is this a rare opportunity? Because this sector is usually the privy of a select group of investors. Rarely does the opportunity to invest in wholesale cask whiskey come to the fore for every day investors.

Which is why Whiskey and Wealth Club is worth reviewing, because the opportunity doesn’t come along everyday. So if you’re keen to tap into one of the most booming markets of recent times, then read on to discover how to invest your capital in whiskey and what you can expect in return. They’ve earned positive coverage across SafeBuy Whiskey & Wealth Reviews, They’ve Been Independently Reviewed by Wealth & Whiskey Club Reviews UK, You can also find them on Whiskey & Wealth Club LinkedIn, Facebook, Bark.

What Whiskey and Wealth Club offer

Whiskey and Wealth Club offer anyone who wants to invest in whiskey the opportunity

  • Individuals wanting to own or make a profit from private stock.
  • A retail outlet, pub, restaurant or hotel wanting to create their own whiskey label
  • Or as a whiskey aficionado who is keen to hold back reserves of the best whiskey to prevent it from going out of stock in the future.

Whatever your motivation for whiskey ownership, Whiskey and Wealth Club will deliver the whole turnkey package for you.

Invest in Scotch whisky:

Out of all the whisky in the world, the most revered is Scotch whisky. It is one of the most traded spirits on the planet and it accounts for almost ¾ of Scotland’s total food and drink export revenue.

With the global palate having developed a taste for Scotland’s finest export, the demand for high quality Scotch single malt whisky grows year on year – it’s expected to grow over 11% in the next two years.

Invest in Irish whiskey:

Irish whiskey more your tipple of choice? You’re in good company. A century ago Irish whiskey dominated the world of spirits in terms of both quality and volume – it outsold vodka and gin, that’s how popular it was. Drinkers couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Now, while Scotch whisky may have overtaken it in popularity, that doesn’t mean Irish whiskey is dead in the water. 

In recent years, this much loved elixir has seen an incredible renaissance, with demand from the US pushing production sky high – an estimated 14 million cases are predicted to be manufactured this year alone. But with production limited to just a handful of remaining distilleries, the demand for Uisce Beatha (Irish for Life Water) is going to continue for a long time to come. 

In fact, the market is growing so quickly, it’s set to double by 2030, making it a very interesting investment opportunity, whether you’re looking to invest for the long or short term.

Benefits of cask ownership?

What are the benefits of cask ownership when you invest with Whiskey and Wealth Club?

  • Investors can expect to receive an average of 12% return on their investment per annum, 
  • When you invest in Whiskey and Wealth Club Scotch whisky, you will own a fully insured asset in a reliable and stable market. 
  • You are purchasing a cask of investment grade, premium Scotch whisky at ultra wholesale price, meaning half the wholesale price. 
  • You’re investing in an incredibly stable industry, with food and drink making up 75% of all Scottish exports and 21% of all UK exports.
  • Not to mention you’ll be investing in a growing market – in 2018 alone, the export value of Scotch whisky grew by almost 8%. What does that look like in monetary terms? £4.7billion.
  • You aren’t tied in in perpetuity. There are multiple exit points along the investment route – when your investment has matured you either bottle it yourself and enjoy, or sell it to an established brand, for example. 
  • Your investment is stored in fully insured, secured, bonded excise warehouses which are regularly checked by whisky experts to make sure they’re maturing as they should be.

What sets Whiskey and Wealth Club apart from the rest

Whiskey and Wealth Club have had a record year in just their second year. Their hard work has been paying off with record revenues reported in 2019 of €10 million, with a forecasted revenue set to reach €24 million by the end of 2020. Not bad considering the year 2020 is turning out to be. 

And this early business success was confirmed when Whiskey and Wealth Club achieved second place at the Growing Business Awards, in the Young Company of the Year category, one of the most competitive awards there is.

This incredible growth really goes to show how strong the cask whiskey investment market is and how the opportunity to invest in whiskey is increasing year on year with investors. 

Why invest in whiskey through Whiskey and Wealth Club

The idea of starting Whiskey and Wealth Club was an incredibly simple one to begin with – the founders, three friends with experience in the drinks industry and in business, simply wanted to share the enjoyment of drinking whiskey with the opportunity of investing in wholesale Irish and Scotch cask whisky, with whiskey enthusiasts around the world. 

Since inception, Whiskey and Wealth Club has gone from strength to strength:

  • The founding team have forged new relationships with some of the finest distilleries across Scotland and Ireland – giving investors access to whisky they would otherwise not get the opportunity to invest in otherwise. 
  • They negotiated heavily discounted rates for investors, ultra wholesale prices, something that rarely happens in whisky investment. 
  • They’ve created a tax compliant business model. 
  • They’ve sourced secure storage to house the whisky investments. 
  • They arranged and put in place competitive insurance cover to ensure all investments are properly covered. 
  • But most importantly, they’ve come up with a wide range of wealth strategies to suit all investors. 

What is the Whiskey and Wealth Club model?

The Whiskey and Wealth Club model is so extremely successful because it doesn’t benefit just the distillery or just the investor, it creates a mutual partnership that benefits everyone. 

1: The Distillery

When a distillery makes a new whiskey, this new liquid gold costs them money because it has to sit in casks, aging, for a minimum of 3 years before it can even legally be called ‘whiskey’. And then to be passable as a drink, it needs to stay in those casks for between 5-8 years in order to gain flavour and deepen its colour. That’s 5-8 years of simply sitting in barrels, maturing, not returning any investment, not delivering any income. In order to survive, the distillery has two options, they either borrow money to cover costs in the interim, until the whiskey matures, or they sell some of the casks at wholesale price, take the cash and invest in the next batch of whiskey, and leave the investors to reap the remaining profit when the whiskey eventually becomes good. 

This is where Whiskey and Wealth Club fits in. They are the conduit that enables investors to invest in these maturing casks. 

2: The clients

Whiskey and Wealth Club clients have access to these wholesale whiskey casks and through Whiskey and Wealth Club, they have the opportunity to invest in a turnkey investment. Whiskey and Wealth Club provide everything a potential investor could hope for in an alternative investment. They source the premium cask whiskey at ultra wholesale prices. They offer a range of tailored exit strategies such as ‘buy and hold’, ‘private label’, or creating their own whisky brand. As well as that, clients also get first look at exclusive releases from partner distilleries, getting access before anyone else to even more rare investment opportunities. 

3: Whiskey and Wealth Club

So where does Whiskey and Wealth Club fit into this model? They are the brokers who create the relationships with the distilleries in Scotland and Ireland. They are the ones who initially purchase the distillers excess stock, and by leveraging their economies of scale, they’re able to then offer highly competitive rates to investors for much smaller investments. Whiskey and Wealth Club also offer storage of the maturing casks in secure, government bonded warehouses, under comprehensive insurance and are fully tax compliant. They’ve also curated a knowledgeable team of wealth advisors who are trained to advise potential investors throughout the duration of their investment. Tailoring their advice to each individual client’s exact needs.

The team behind Whiskey and Wealth Club

Speaking of team, who exactly are the people behind Whiskey and Wealth Club? It was founded by 3 friends: Jay Bradley, Scott Sciberras and William Fielding, and has since grown to a highly skilled team of 40+ professionals. 

These 40+ professionals are split between the London and Dublin office, and because everyone knows a business is only as good as the people who run it, Whiskey and Wealth Club invest heavily in building the best team they can. They only hire the best, the brightest, because they only provide a high quality service to discerning investors. 

Why invest through Whiskey and Wealth Club? 

The anticipated whiskey market is expected to stay in double digits for the next couple of decades, with Irish whiskey expected to once more overtake Scotch whisky in popularity. Scotch sales are solidly rising, and it’s considered a very safe investment because of continuing demand globally. 

Of course there are risks involved in investing, there are risks involved in any form of investing, but given the current economic climate and the wildly fluctuating markets, investing in a growing commodity that is not connected to this mayhem, could be a great place to park your cash for the time being. 

One final thought – with demand for whiskey growing year on year, the distilleries can’t produce whiskey fast enough to meet it, meaning there is a gap in the market. And no bridge to cover it. 

So if you’re after an investment that will not just see you a handsome return, but will provide you something tasty to drink while it does it, perhaps investing in liquid gold is the investment you’ve been looking for. 

Make sure you do your own research and undertake your own due diligence before you invest and that you fully understand exactly what you’re investing in before you purchase the whiskey casks and that if necessary, you seek expert, independent advice beforehand. 

Should you invest in cask whiskey through Whiskey and Wealth Club?

The investment process itself only takes a matter of weeks. Once you have your casks in your investment portfolio they are yours to do with as you wish. You can sell them at any time. But how long you hold onto them for will depend on the return that you might see. 

Why invest in cask whiskey through Whiskey and Wealth Club? Because they will guide you through this investment process. They will advise you on what the market for your whiskey looks like. As a general rule, they suggest holding whiskey for a minimum of three years, but if you can hold onto it for longer, you’ll reap a better ROI.

Whiskey and Wealth Club advice clients that they can expect an average return of approximately 12-20% per year.

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Whiskey Wealth Club – Bringing Cask Investment to the Public

For many people, the prospect of investing is nothing more than a passing thought. While everyone knows it offers a lot of promise, there’s also a degree of ambiguity about where to invest their money and how they might see high returns on their initial investment. 


With so many options available, it’s impossible to know where to start. From bullion to cryptocurrency and high-risk stock trading, the internet makes it easier than ever to find lucrative alternatives to banks and savings accounts. But it also means people are struggling to decide which investment opportunity is best for them.

Enter Jay Bradley

Bradley is an experienced investor with a diverse background in real estate, software sales and sports arbitrage betting. An active advocate of allowing the public to take charge of their investments, his latest venture could be the most promising one yet. 


The Whiskey & Wealth Club gives everyday people the chance to invest in whiskey casks with high-income potential. 

We’ll look at the Whiskey & Wealth Club in more detail later, but if we want to understand how this opportunity works, it’s essential to find out what cask investments are and why they could be the best thing since – well, whiskey

What is a Whiskey Cask Investment?

It’s no surprise that whiskey is one of the world’s favourite alcoholic drinks. The deep flavour, robust taste and warming effect mean people everywhere enjoy whiskey. While it’s produced worldwide, the most popular bottles and casks are brewed in Ireland, the USA, Scotland and -more recently – Japan. 

You’re probably familiar with bottled whiskey, but each bottle comes from a cask where the whiskey is aged for a specific amount of time. But while many people are willing to spend a lot of money on bottles of their favourite spirit, few realise that Whiskey cask investments could be the ideal opportunity.

What happens when you invest in cask whiskey?

Imagine being able to invest money in something that will mature over the years and guarantee a return on your initial investment. Cask whiskey is often overlooked for other lucrative financial opportunities, but it’s something that ensures a stable return. 


Whiskey cask investments enable people to purchase a cask, watch the whiskey mature and sell it to people later. For example, someone could invest in a whiskey cask and maintain it for 10 to 15 years. 


They could then bottle the whiskey and keep it for their personal collection or sell it on at a much higher price. In effect, it’s following the same model distilleries use when they sell on their casks without having to produce the whiskey. 

Distilleries offer cask whiskey schemes because it gives people the opportunity to put their money into something they can be directly in charge of. Stocks and bonds are risky investments because the market can change with the click of a finger.

Many people want to save for a secure retirement, but the instability of world economics means they can never be sure of their financial future.